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LIfT Perspectives: Summit Plus One

by Ruth Ellen Whitt – Executive Director, Leadership Texarkana January 2014     As Executive Director of Leadership Texarkana, the question I’m most commonly asked is “What’s going on with LIFT?” LIFT is alive and well and is driving the work of Leadership Texarkana, because LIFT – or the Leadership Initiative for Texarkana – IS the work … Continue reading

Focus on our Future

by Ruth Ellen Whitt, Executive Director Leadership Texarkana May 28, 2014   Imagine that you own your own business. If you want your business to progress in any way, it is essential that you clearly know where you are headed–what results you are shooting for–so that you can align the actions of everyone in your … Continue reading

Pride in Texarkana

by Julie Tidwell, President Keep Texarkana Beautiful March 2014 Hakuna matata – the song from The Lion King that means “no worries.” That was the carefree life Simba had as a lion cub when he left his home, the Pride Land, after things got tough. Slowly, the Pride Land deteriorated, yet Simba ignored the pleas … Continue reading

Creative Disruption

by Bill Cork, CEO, TexAmericas Center April 2014   The iPhone or Galaxy or other mobile device you have in your hand is really transforming the world. Most of you who own one of these devices have purchased something on line and had it delivered to your home or office. I recently attended a Texas Freight Transportation … Continue reading

LIFT Recap

by Ruth Ellen Whitt Leadership Texarkana Executive Director Many thanks to everyone who signed on in support of the Leadership Initiative for Texarkana City Leaders’ Summit, and thanks to all city officials and community members who participated! We had an extremely productive summit.  As defined from the outset, our intent was an  LT-sponsored retreat, led … Continue reading